Fotograma del documental McCurry, La Búsqueda Del Color

McCurry, La Búsqueda Del Color

Denis Delestrac

McCurry - The Pursuit of Color


McCURRY: THE PURSUIT OF COLOR is the first intimate feature length portrait of the contemporary photojournalist Steve McCurry. The one thing more poignant than McCurry’s pictures is his tumultuous 40-year career, which he’s spent travelling the globe essentially alone, capturing candid snapshots depicting the complexity of human life. Exclusive interview with family, friends, colleagues, and with the photographer himself, bring to life the stories behind some of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century. With unique access to the photographer’s creative process and unpublished images, we discover how McCurry’s vulnerabilities set him on the path to greatness and we witness first-hand his commitment to record what defines and unites humankind. A race against time in an increasingly fractured and culturally homogenous world.

Director: Denis Delestrac

Prod. Companies: STEAMROLLER, A.I.E. (Barcelona)

Cast: Steve McCurry