Fotograma del documental Mbah Jhiwo (Alma Anciana)

Mbah Jhiwo (Alma Anciana)

Álvaro Gurrea

Mbah Jhiwo / Ancient Soul


Yono, or Mbah Jhiwo (Ancient Soul), a Kawah Ijen sulfur miner, sees his routine radically altered the moment his wife goes away. Trapped like Sisyphus into an eternal return, Yono will face similar events that mutate in appearance as his beliefs move from animism, to Islam and capitalism. An ethnofiction that explores otherness and questions the myth of progress in the neocolonial reality of the South Seas.

Director: Álvaro Gurrea

Prod. Companies: MARÍA DEL ROCÍO MESA JIMÉNEZ (Granada)

Cast: Yono Arismonandar, Sayu Kholif, Musaena’h, Ach. Efendi, Nurussalam, Roni Hidayat

Spain Distribution:  BEGIN AGAIN FILMS, S.L.