A las mujeres de España. María Lejárraga

Laura Hojman

A las mujeres de España. María Lejárraga


The plays of María Lejárraga, a writer and pioneer of feminism in Spain during the 1920s, came to light under the name of her husband, theatre impresario Gregorio Martínez Sierra. The most prolific Spanish female playwright of all time, she was the author of works such as "Canción de cuna", filmed five times, and the libretto for Falla's "Love, the Magician", as well as a member of parliament during the Second Republic and the founder of pioneering projects for women’s rights and freedoms. “A las mujeres de España. María Lejárraga” (To the Women of Spain. María Lejárraga) is also the chronicle of a historical moment headed by a nucleus of brilliant and brave women who wanted to build a better future, and whose dreams of progress were dashed when the Civil War broke out.

Director: Laura Hojman

Prod. Companies: SUMMER FILMS, S.L. (45,62%, Córdoba) - RTVE (54,38%, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid)

With: Kiti Mánver (Narrator), Cristina Domínguez, Antonina Rodrigo, Rosa Montero, Vanessa Montfort, Juan Aguilera, Isabel Lizarraga, Manuela Carmena, Mª Luz González, Remedios Zafra

Spain Distribution: SUMMER FILMS