Fotograma del documental Los Negros. Una persona blanca y una persona negra esclavizada van por la calle

Los Negros

Antonio Palacios Rojo

Los Negros


Black slaves forcibly brought from Africa since the 14th century live in the suburbs of Seville, many of them on the margins or struggling to survive. Archbishop Don Gonzalo de Mena not only gives them a hospital and a chapel, but a brotherhood to integrate them into society. They thus became the first religious congregation of this kind, a title they had to defend against the others.

In addition, they had to avoid prohibitions, suspensions and attempts to dissolve them by a sector of the authorities. Courageous members such as Salvador de la Cruz, "the negro of the sling house", saved and ensured the survival of the institution in a climate of open hostility. In time, the Brotherhood of the Blacks became the Brotherhood of "Los Negritos", a paternalism that reflects how the brotherhood of slaves and freedmen became a neighbourhood brotherhood of white Sevillians, which in 2023 will celebrate its 630th anniversary.

Director: Antonio Palacios Rojo

Prod. Companies: LEMENDU, S.L. (Sevilla)