Fotograma del documental Los constructores de la Alhambra

Los constructores de la Alhambra

Isabel Fernández

Los constructores de la Alhambra - The Builders of the Alhambra


“Los constructores de la Alhambra” ("The Builders of the Alhambra") tells the story of the people who built the iconic fortress, and how they sought to achieve the formula of perfect beauty in it. The feature-length documentary will bring together technology and history, archaeology, and digital effects. It will recreate the Nasrid society of the 14th century and the construction process of the Comares and Leones Palaces, highlighting the scientific knowledge that the Andalusian scholars left us in disciplines such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine, agronomy, and navigation.

Director: Isabel Fernández

Prod. Companies: EL DE LAS DOS VIDAS, A.I.E. (98%, Barcelona) - AL PATI PRODUCCIONS, S.L. (1,4%, Abrera, Barcelona) - POLAR STAR FILMS, S.L. (0,6%, Barcelona)

Cast: Amr Waked, Sofian Benaissati, Farah Hamed Ali, Abdelhamid Krim, Adil Koukouh. Con la participación de / With the participation of: Adela Fábregas, Amalia Zomeño, José Miguel Puerta Vílchez, Josef Zenka, Julie Marquer, Jesús Bermúdez, Elena Correa, Rafael Pérez Gómez.

Spain Distribution:  VERSIÓN DIGITAL, S.L.