Fotograma del documental Labordeta, un hombre sin más

Labordeta, un hombre sin más

Gaizka Urresti, Paula Labordeta

Labordeta, un hombre sin más


High school teacher, poet, writer, essayist, communicator, politician, singer-songwriter, a man who overflows the person to become a legend who embodies the voice of the underprivileged, of minorities, of the emptied Spain. Everyone knows Labordeta. 

Twelve years after his disappearance, we also know José Antonio, the "grandfather", father and husband through his wife, daughters, and granddaughters. His memories and a personal diary never read before reveal his most intimate and personal side, that of just a man.

Director: Gaizka Urresti, Paula Labordeta

Prod. Companies: URRESTI PRODUCCIONES, S.L. (70%, Zaragoza) - UN HOMBRE SIN MÁS, A.I.E. (30%, Zaragoza)

Cast: Juana de Grandes, Ana Labordeta de Grandes, Ángela Labordeta de Grandes, Paula Labordeta de Grandes, Carmela del Campo Labordeta, Marta del Campo Labordeta, José Sanchís Sinisterra, Eloy Fernandez Clemente, Miguel Mena, Luis Alegre, Santiago Marraco…