Fotograma del documental La Visita y Un Jardín secreto

La Visita y Un Jardín secreto

Irene M. Borrego

La Visita y Un Jardín secreto - The Visit and A Secret Garden


Little is known about the mysterious figure of Isabel Santaló, an old artist, today fallen into oblivion. But occasionally some visitors come to her flat. Through them and the voice of Antonio López (‘Dream of Light’, Víctor Erice), the only painter who remembers her, we shape a multifaceted film. This is a cinematic portrait, which well into the film takes a surprising turn. A film that reflects on memory and oblivion, Art and the creative process; posing the question of what it means to be an artist and a woman.

Director: Irene M. Borrego

Prod. Companies: 59 EN CONSERVA, S.L. (80%, Madrid) - CEDRO PLÁTANO LDA (Portugal 20%)

With the participation of: Isabel Santaló, Antonio López (Voz / Voice)

Spain Distribution:  BEGIN AGAIN FILMS, S.L.

International Sales:  LES FILMS DE LA RÉSISTANCE