Fotograma del documental El sueño del oro negro

El sueño del oro negro

Magda Calabrese

El sueño del oro negro - The Dream of Black Gold


“El sueño del oro negro” ("The Dream of Black Gold") aims to revive a moment in history and show the significance of the 6th June 1964, when oil gushed in the Páramo de La Lora moorland in Burgos for the very first time, and does so via a journey into the memories of one of its direct witnesses–Marco Antonio Manjón, the unifying thread of the testimonies of former workers, the historian Miguel Ángel Moreno, the mayor of Sargentes de La Lora Carlos Gallo and the parish priest–as well as the interesting chronicle of a village that once had a dream of progress and welfare, which today it is not willing to give up.

A memory that we cannot lose if we want to keep alive the knowledge of a valuable cultural and industrial heritage of the municipality of Sargentes de la Lora and of our country.

Director:  Magda Calabrese

Prod. Companies: RICARDO ZUBELZU GONZÁLEZ (Madrid)

With: Marco Antonio Manjón, Miguel Ángel Moreno, Carlos Gallo, Jorge Navarro