Fotograma del documental El año del descubrimiento

El año del descubrimiento

Luis López Carrasco

El año del descubrimiento - The year of the discovery


Neighbours, young people and unemployed people chat inside a bar while enjoying cigarettes, breakfasts and snacks. They recall unusual dreams, share work worries or plan for the future. The bar is in the south-eastern city of Cartagena. As the day progresses, the riots of the industrial crisis of 1992 can be heard closer and closer. That year, Spain hosted the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the Universal Exhibition in Seville, linked to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. The country presented itself to the international community as a developed, modern, and dynamic country. Meanwhile in Cartagena, protests against the crisis became increasingly violent and ended in a mass riot that led to the burning of the regional parliament.

Director: Luis López Carrasco

Prod. companies:  LACIMA PRODUCCIONES, S.L (Spain 1,13%),  CROMAGNON PRODUCCIONES, S.L. (Spain 0,62%),  MAGNETICA CINE, S.L. (Spain 1,25%),  EL AÑO DEL DESCUBRIMIENTO, A.I.E. (Spain 97%), ALINA FILM Sarl (Switzerland)

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