Fotograma del documental Devolvendo o golpe

Devolvendo o golpe

Carlos Prado Pampín

Devolvendo o golpe


At the age of 10, Aarón was almost run over and killed. His mother, Rosa, will fight for him to get ahead and fulfil his dream: to become Spanish boxing champion.

This is the story of the overcoming of the Galician boxer, Aarón "The Thunder" and his mother, Rosa. A tragedy marked this family. An accident and the life of a child that changes forever. It is then when this family must take a decision: Stop fighting and sink down, or get up and hit back at life?

Director: Carlos Prado Pampín

Prod. Companies: CARLOS PRADO PAMPÍN (A Coruña)

Cast: Aarón «The Thunder» González, Rosa María Diz, Luis González, Alberto Teijeiro, Cuco Rodríguez

Spain Distribution:  BAÑOS FILMS, S.L.