Fotograma del documental Corazón de padre. Un hombre sujeta en brazos a un niño

Corazón de padre

Andrés Garrigó

Corazón de padre- The Heart of a Father


Who really is Joseph of Nazareth? We have embarked on a journey around the world to find out if what some people claim is true: that this mysterious man is more active today than ever. We will stop at emblematic places on five continents, discovering shrines, feasts and devotions in honour of this discreet, silent carpenter. We will hear powerful testimonies of people whose lives were turned around thanks to Saint Joseph.

Director: Andrés Garrigó

Produ. companies: GOYA PRODUCCIONES, S.A. (Spain 1%),  CORAZÓN DE PADRE, A.I.E. (Spain 99%)

Distribuction companies: GOYA PRODUCCIONES, S.A