Fotograma ilustrado del documental Comuneros


Pablo García Sanz



At the beginning of the 16th century, the Crown of Castile was one of the most powerful in Europe. During the first years of his reign, Charles I of Spain had to face an uprising known as the War of the Communities (Guerra de las Comunidades)

On 23 April 1521, the Battle of Villalar took place, one of the most momentous events in modern Spanish history. On that day began the end of a revolt that some of the most important historians have ventured to describe as "the first modern revolution in history: the Revolution of the Communities of Castile". The Battle of Villalar, as the liberals argued in the 19th century, represented the loss of Castile's liberties.

Why the comuneros rebelled against the king and emperor Charles V, what their leaders Bravo, Padilla, and Maldonado wanted, and what model of state they were seeking, and how their figure has been used and vindicated over the last two centuries, are some of the questions that have been studied and which are dealt with in this film.

Director: Pablo García Sanz

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