Fotograma del documental Canto Cósmico. Niño de Elche

Canto Cósmico. Niño de Elche


Niño de Elche is an artist. He is a singer. He is a provocateur. He is a scholar. He is the son of his parents. A person from Elche. He is all these things and none of them at the same time. Canto Cósmico tries to delve into and portray this multifaceted personality, through the reflection of the gazes of those who surround him, who love him, who observe him and share his art. C. Tangana, Angélica Lidell, Pedro G. Romero, Raúl Cantizano, Israel Galván or Paqui and Aladino, his parents, are just some of the voices that, together with Paco’s in a harmonic polyphony, make up this very free, almost cubist portrait of Niño de Elche.