Fotograma del documental Aztarnak Huellas


Maru Solores

Aztarnak Huellas


The first years of our lives, those that we do not remember, leave a deep imprint on us. But is this imprint permanent or does it evolve? This is a personal journey to that forgotten place; a journey from the mother I am now, to the baby I once was.

" Aztarnak - Huellas " is a feature-length documentary that combines a personal point of view, delving into the subjective world of a human being at the beginning of life, with a dialogue with those different protagonists who accompany us on the journey to early childhood, following our footprints.

On this journey we will accompany some families with whom we will live the experience of upbringing. And we will be accompanied by such passionate professionals as Cristina Aznar and Ramón Mauduit, from the Hazi Hezi Centre in Donostia - San Sebastián, who have dedicated their whole lives to supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and early childhood, on the path towards an upbringing that respects the development of the child. But we will also meet internationally renowned scientists in different disciplines, such as medicine, psychology, and neuroscience, who, like detectives and archaeologists of the human being, investigate these traces: Michel Odent, Xavier Serrano, Laura Gutman, Eulàlia Torras de Beà, Allan Schore...

The documentary aims to raise questions to which there is no single answer and to invite us to reflect on the way we bring children into the world and raise the adults of the future.

Director: Maru Solores


Distribution Companies:  BARTON FILMS S.L