Ainarak (Golondrinas)

Juan San Martín, Ritxi Lizartza

Ainarak (Golondrinas)


A journey into the past that aims to give value to the place deserved by thousands of women from the of Salazar, Roncal, Ansó, Echo valleys ... who crossed the Pyrenees on foot to reach Mauleón (Zuberoa – French Basque Country). They travelled to work in the espadrille factories over a period of 70 years. Women, even girls, who at the age of 12 left their families, their villages, to earn a little money by working up to sixteen hours a day. They set out every 7th October, the day of the Rosary, and did not return until the spring snows were over. These very characteristics of their seasonal journey, together with the fact that they all wore black, led to their being known as "Ainarak" (Swallows).

Anne Etchegoyen takes us on a journey leading us to discover who the swallows were. A path that united two very different Europes at the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century, in a massive, seasonal, and economically motivated migration of the genders.

Director: Juan San Martín, Ritxi Lizartza

Prod. Companies: ZINEA SORTZEN, S.L. (50%, Donostia/San Sebastián) - 601 PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES, S.L. (50%, Aranguren, Navarra)

With the participation of: Anne Etchegoyen