Fotograma del documental la primera mujer



Eva has two dreams: leaving the psychiatric hospital in search of a “normal” life and to reunite with her son, after fifteen years of silence.


Eva is being allowed to leave the psychiatric institution she´s lived in for six years. It´s the first step to reach the normal life she´s been longing for, but what does “normal” mean?


While she waits for an assisted living residence to free up, Eva takes stock of her past and works on her self-confidence as well as her trust in the outside world. When there´s finally a home for her, Eva´s aspirations start to come true: finding a job and earning an income of her own, visit her mother… even find love. But, above all, Eva has a dream: to reconnect with her son and ask for forgiveness after fifteen years of silence.


The First Woman is a film about second chances, the search for “normality” and the bumpy borderline between lucidity and darkness.

"La primera mujer" es una película sobre las segundas oportunidades, la búsqueda de la “normalidad” y el terreno fronterizo entre la lucidez y la oscuridad.