Fotograma del cortometraje Sycorax


Lois Patiño, Matías Piñeiro



Who is Sycorax? The first character to set foot on the island in William Shakespeare's “The Tempest”.

But the problem in the play is that Sycorax has no voice. She is barely mentioned by Prospero as a mean, old, stooped witch, who viciously locked Ariel, the spirit of the air, in a tree.

But why would she lock Ariel in a tree? On this point, we should be less inclined to believe Prospero.

Directors: Lois Patiño, Matías Piñeiro

Prod. Companies: Filmika Galaika, Bando à Parte

Cast: Agustina Muñoz, Diana Diegues, Susana Abreu

Distribution Companies: Shorts From Galicia