Fotograma del cortometraje La entrega

La entrega

Pedro Díaz

La entrega - The Hand Over


Armando is 80 years old. An unknown trauma has prevented him from stepping outdoor for a decade. His only contact with the outside is through a rider who brings him the orders that his son manages from abroad. One day Armando receives something that will awaken in him old ghosts, fears and memories to face.

Director: Pedro Díaz

Prod. Companies: Pedro Diaz(26%), Bosalay Films(26%), Fran Carballal(15%), 39 Escalones Films(10%), Salon Indien Films(10%), Plano a Plano(10%), Kabiria Films(3%)

Cast: Ramón Barea, Ferran Vilajosana, Ana Del Arco, Laura Galán, Mila Pérez

Distribution:  Selected Films Distribution