Fotograma del cortometraje Carta a mi madre para mi hijo

Carta a mi madre para mi hijo

Carla Simón

Carta a mi madre para mi hijo - Letter to my mother for my son


Carla is pregnant and naked, just like in the photos where her mother poses pregnant with Carla herself. Sunlight streams through the windows. We see Super 8 shots of grandparents, uncles, aunts, fathers, great-grandparents: smiling, sewing, reciting poetry. Then, we watch a young woman grow from the 1960s through the 1980s to the present day, crossing the thresholds of femininity and history, until she meets pregnant Carla by the blue skies of the Catalan coast.

Director: Carla Simón

Prod. Companies: Elástica Films (España), Kino Produzioni (Italia), Hi Production (Italia)

Cast: Ángela Molina, Cecilia Gómez, Jesús Carmona, Carla Simón, Ainet Jounou, Anna Otin, Josep Abad

Distribution: Elástica FIlms