Fotograma del cortometraje Alegrías Riojanas

Alegrías Riojanas

Velasco Broca

Alegrías Riojanas


An ophthalmologist's confession is interrupted when the priest who was attending him leaves in an emergency. His absolution postponed; he decides to return to his surgery. On the way, absorbed in his thoughts, he is fatally hit by a car. From that moment on, his immortal soul is cast into a medieval-looking purgatory populated by grotesque creatures: blemishes and devils. Will he be able to remember that the pearl is hidden in the abyss and the sun remains in the pearl?

Director: Velasco Broca

Prod. Companies: EUSKADI MOVIE AIE

Cast:  Juan Antonio Herreruela, Bárbara Mingo, Ramón Churruca, Fernando Moreno, Rafael Alberola, José Luis Pérez Santiago, Nerea Revilla

Distribution: MARVIN&WAYNE