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Los conspiradores

Luis E. Parés

Los Conspiradores


During clandestine political struggle, when one wanted to overthrow the regime, the most important thing was to know how to wait. All other qualities were secondary. Keeping a calm head helped you to wait for the right moment and also to know how to react when things went wrong.

This is why the conspirators occupied their time as best they could, knitting a jumper, playing solitaire or writing new pamphlets. Soon after, the stories would begin, stories they had once heard and which he or she would tell someone else, who in turn would tell it to others. However, changing History is not as easy as telling a story and suddenly everyone had to run away. Love stories lose strength when guns appear.

“Los conspiradores” tells the story of an aborted revolution in two stages. On the one hand, the moment just before, when everyone hesitates and no one knows how to kill the fear overtaking them and, on the other, the moment just afterwards, when all that remains is to run and flee and find a safe place that in the end only exists in a memory that can be manipulated, where one can create memories to suit oneself.

Isn't the history of this country that of a memory made to measure?

Director: Luis E. Parés

Prod. Companies: Estela Films

Cast: Iria Del Río, Emilio Tomé, Font García, Vito Sanz, Álvaro Ogalla, Félix Tusell Sánchez y la colaboración especial de Fiorella Faltoyano (Voz)

Distribution Companies: Agencia Freak