Fotograma del cortometraje El monstruo invisible

El monstruo invisible

Javier Fesser, Guillermo Fesser

El monstruo invisible


Aminodin’s father always smiles because he says that “happy people live longer”. That's why, at the age of eight, Aminodin puts on his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family. His cousin Aliman, on the other hand, lost his smile when bombs started falling from the sky in Marawi City.

Directors: Javier Fesser, Guillermo Fesser

Prod. Companies: Películas Pendelton

Cast: Aminodin Munder, Asnaira A. Cadir, Cawi Nasroding Mama, Junaisa Alimusa, Aliman Macao, Yasser Daluma, Amalia Macao, Joel P. Dee

Distribution Companies: Selected Films Distribution