Fotograma de la serie de animación Yo, Elvis Riboldi


Yo, Elvis Riboldi - I, Elvis Riboldi


Elvis Riboldi is a nice guy with a big heart and no bad intentions. He is energetic, optimistic, passionate, full of life! He reflects the best part of what it means to enjoy childhood... but taken to the extreme. He is TOO energetic, TOO optimistic, TOO passionate, so things often get out of hand. So Elvis routinely gets into a lot of trouble, not because he’s looking for it, but because trouble is looking for him. And every time Elvis tries to deal with a problem, the problem tends to get bigger.

Technical Specifications:

Running Time: 52x11'.

Age: 7-11 years old

Status: Produced

Coproduction: TVC & Canal +

Produced by: Peekaboo Animation