Fotograma de la película de animación Valentina


Chelo Loureiro



Valentina dreams of becoming a trapeze artist, but she thinks she will never be able to achieve this because she has Down's syndrome. Her grandmother - who teaches her how to play chess and a lot of songs - always encourages her to persevere: “If caterpillars can turn into butterflies, nothing is impossible. We must never lose our enthusiasm or our desire to learn; look at me, I'm still determined to be a conductor one day!” But Valentina is not very convinced, she thinks that a worm is too disgusting to become a butterfly... What will this metamorphosis that Grandma talks about be like? When she is about to ask her, Mum and Dad give her some disconcerting news: Grandma has gone on a trip. On a trip? Without even saying goodbye?!


Technical Specifications:

Year: 2021

Running time: 65 minutes

Director: Chelo Loureiro

Screenplay: Chelo Loureiro, Lua Testa

Music: Nani García

Production company/companies: ABANO PRODUCIÓNS, VALENTINA LA PELÍCULA, SPARKLE ANIMATION (co-production with Portugal)