Fotograma de la película de animación Unicorn Wars

Unicorn Wars

Alberto Vázquez

Unicorn Wars


The little bears army indoctrinates young recruits to lead them to a war they have started against the unicorns because they represent a threat for the security of their people.
Two brothers; Azulín and Gordi, along with a group of new recruits without experience, will be sent on a dangerous mission to save the Magic Forest. Will the little bears be up to the challenge?

Director: Alberto Vázquez

Prod. Companies: UNICORN WARS, A.I.E. (60,6%, Culleredo, A Coruña) - ABANO PRODUCCIONS, S.L. (0,3%, Ferrol, A Coruña) - UNIKO ESTUDIO CREATIVO, S.L. (0,3%, Bilbao) - AUTOUR DE MINUIT PRODUCTIONS SARL - SCHMUBY PRODUCTIONS SAS (38,8%, Francia / France)

Spain Distribution: BARTON FILMS S.L.

International Sales: CHARADES