Fotograma de la serie de animación Turu y los Turulecos

Turu y los Turulecos

David Cuevas y Jonathan Cuevas

Turu y los Turulecos- Turu and the Wackies


Turu has formed a band with his charming friends: the elegant pig Rhythm and the crazy sheep Beat.

Together they will have fun, exciting and madcap adventures and go on a musical journey that will teach them about the power of friendship.  

On the guitar, Rhythm! On the drums, Beat! On the mike, Turu! 

Presenting... Turu and the Wackies! 


Technical Specifications:

Director: David Cuevas and Jonathan Cuevas

Script: Carlos Bleycher, Gorka Magallón and Silvia Campos

Prod. Companies: Anima Producciones, A.I.E., Tandem Films, Turanga Films, Castelao Pictures and RTVE.

Music: Vanessa Garde (SO) // Eduardo Frigerio andTomás Tyrrel (original songs)

Lengh:  5’30’’x26

Genre and Target: TV series / 3-8 years

Status: Finished (first release 12/09/2022, Clan TV)