Fotograma de la película de animación Polinopolis


Martin Guido, Maria Antolini



Do you remember the first time you saw a horror movie, or held hands with a person you liked, or that time you broke your friend’s favorite toy? And what about the time you tried to train a werewolf, got a beating from a cactus wearing sunglasses, or got entangled in the bandages of a mummified Egyptian princess? Every first time is special in its own way and will be remembered for life. Yuca, Milo and their friends are at the age when they will experience their first times. The magic of these situations whether they are fantastically strange or emotionally human will strengthen the friendship of this group of friends, as strange and fun as the city in which they live.

Director: Martin Guido, Maria Antolini

Prod. Companies: Mago Production, Godo Films, Apapacho Films, TVC, RTVE, Paka Paka

International Sales: GoldBee y Pink Parrot