Fotograma de la película de animación Las vacaciones de Yoko

Las vacaciones de Yoko

Juanjo Elordi

Las vacaciones de Yoko - Yoko on holiday


Summer holidays have arrived and for the first time since the four friends met, they are going to separate.
Mai, Oto and Vik go on a trip, each with their family, to different parts of the world. Yoko is left alone in the park with Ranger Loops. What will poor Yoko do without his friends? And, will the three kids be able to make new friends where they go?
They are all concerned about this new experience but the four of them will realize soon, that whenever there are children, there is a desire to play. Besides, playing with the imagination, and with a little bit of Yoko´s magic, a kid always can be with its friends.

Director: Juanjo Elordi

Prod. Companies: YOKO HIRU, A.I.E. (79%, Donostia/San Sebastián) - DIBULITOON STUDIO, S.L. (1%, Donostia/San Sebastián) - WIZART FILM LLC. (20%, Rusia / Russia)

Spain Distribution:  BARTON FILMS S.L.