Fotograma del largometraje de animación Salvar el árbol


Salvar el árbol - Save the tree


In a global world, increasingly distant from the natural environment, there are still those who tell stories about trees, fantastic beings with powers that escape our imagination. And from the very moment the seed germinates, an elf serves as their inseparable companion. They will grow, flourish and suffer together. Their destinies are linked forever. They are born and die at the same time, or at least that is what the old legends tell, but what happens to the city trees? Now they are in danger. The trees are dying and, in turn, so are their elves. There is only one way to help them... "Save the tree"!

Technical Specifications:

Year: 2021

Length: 74 minutes

Director: Iker Álvarez, Haizea Pastor

Script: Segundo Altoagirre, Yurre Ugarte, Fernando Salem, Matías Goldberg

Music: Silvia San Miguel

Production company/companies: BALEUKO, TORTUGA STUDIOS, POLAR STUDIO (co-production with Brazil and Mexico)